My LVL Treatment at Mae Cosmetics: First Impressions

As you’ve no doubt seen from the compulsory holiday spam over on my Instagram, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Vegas last week! I had the best time but I won’t go… View Full Post

VIP Christmas Launch Party at Lisa Angel: Lovely Gifts & Accessories

Friday night has to have been one of the dreamiest ways I’ve finished up a week. After work and pre fireworks, I popped along to one of my favourite independent stores in Norwich- Lisa Angel… View Full Post

Do Bubble Masks actually work? First Impressions of Clinique’s New Double Bubble Purifying Mask.

“Double, Double, (no) Toil (but) Bubbles.” Is honestly the best way to describe the latest addition to Clinique’s Pep-Start family, the Double Bubble Purifying Mask which is available in the UK TOMORROW (15th September) I had… View Full Post

Spotlight on Norwich Market’s Star Baker: Katie’s Cake Box

With the Great British Bake Off starting up again tonight I felt the ‘knead’ to share this post about Norwich’s very own star baker from Katie’s Cake Box on the market! I wasn’t too sure… View Full Post