Spotlight on Norwich Market’s Star Baker: Katie’s Cake Box

With the Great British Bake Off starting up again tonight I felt the ‘knead’ to share this post about Norwich’s very own star baker from Katie’s Cake Box on the market! I wasn’t too sure… View Full Post

You Scream, I Scream.. About the Best Ice-cream in Norwich

Although sunny days may be few and far between, this week looks set to be a scorcher! I took it upon myself to undertake the hugely onerous task of finding the finest icecream this fine… View Full Post

Turtle Bay Launch Norwich

Caribbean Cuisine comes to Norfolk at the end of this month (August 30th) with the arrival of Turtle Bay so I thought I would wet your appetite with a preview of a preview post, before attending their VIP launch…… View Full Post

Review ~ Voodoo Daddy’s Pizza Norwich

Saturday night, 10pm: Despite already having had dinner, hunger strikes.  Instead of fetching my trusty pals Ben and Jerry from the freezer for a spooning sesh, my (IRL) friend utters the P-I-Z-Z-A word. That’s where… View Full Post