My LVL Treatment at Mae Cosmetics: First Impressions

As you’ve no doubt seen from the compulsory holiday spam over on my Instagram, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Vegas last week! I had the best time but I won’t go into detail in this post as thats not what you’re here for (plus ‘What happens in Vegas’..)

I’ve always wanted to try eyelash enhancements as being blonde mine are pretty much non-existent, but I’m such a newbie when it comes to typically ‘girly’ treatments.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 19.53.52.png

Having stumbled upon the Mae Cosmetics Instagram I thought it was the perfect time to try a lash treatment out for around the pool etc. I was seriously impressed with how professional the page looked and despite being way too tempted by the dermal fillers Danielle offers, I resisted.. (looks like you’re sticking around a little longer smile lines..)

A little bit about LVL lash lift treatment..

LVL is a treatment which curls and dyes your natural lashes, designed by the company Nouveau Lashes.

 “Combination of tinting and lifting the lashes from the root for clients who want a long-lasting, natural eyelash enhancement without the need for mascara or eyelash extensions.”

Benefits of LVL Lashes

1. Adds extra length

2. No need for mascara

3. Lashes stay lifted

4. No need for false lashes or extensions

5. No need to use curlers

6. Results last around 6-8 weeks

The appointment

When I reached out via DM, she was super friendly and quick to respond and I loved being able to book my appointment online (£40) as it meant I could choose the best time for me! The whole process couldn’t have been any easier really, Danielle even sent out the patch test to my home address so there was no need for an extra visit.

As you can imagine I had no idea what I was doing with the test but it’s fairly self explanatory (after a quick google at least). I also discovered that you shouldn’t go near steam for at least 24 hours after the treatment so I quickly washed my hair before the appointment! Cooking dinner that evening was interesting though (it was a crouching below the saucepans kinda affair, because hot air rises right?!)

Anyway, back to the appointment.

The facial aesthetics practise is located just above the hair salon with the pink door just down from Jarrold on London Street, Norwich and the interior is the definition of Insta goals. (46, London Street)

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 20.26.54.png

I felt super relaxed straight away as Danielle was lovely and friendly, the perfect amount of chatty without being fake (if you get me?)

Our chats definitely made the time go quicker, especially as the LVL treatment requires waiting for the curl mixture to almost ‘set’ and then the dye has to work its magic. (Apologies for the terrible technical terms..)


The whole process took around 45 minutes, and if it weren’t for my stupidly leaky eyes I could’ve fallen asleep – I felt so relaxed!

I think we were both surprised with how well the technique worked even on my blonde lashes, but I’ll let you be the judge of that:

Before and After (the bit you’ve all been waiting for..)


It’s now been over 3 weeks since getting them done, and although they’re not as dramatic as at the start, they’re definitely still much more defined than my natural lashes without the LVL treatment.

The only problem now is,  once your lashes go (tinted) black.. they never wanna go back!


 {Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mae Cosmetics, but only in the sense that Danielle kindly offered me the treatment at a discounted blogger price. I would never recommend anything I don’t completely love, so all opinions are my own and honest as ever.}

Mollie x

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