Spotlight on Norwich Market’s Star Baker: Katie’s Cake Box


With the Great British Bake Off starting up again tonight I felt the ‘knead’ to share this post about Norwich’s very own star baker from Katie’s Cake Box on the market!

I wasn’t too sure which row of the market the stall (126) was down but I must have a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out cake as my nose led me right to the yummy row of cupcakes just queueing up to be eaten.. Katie was kind enough to let me pick two of her delicious bakes to take home and try for myself.

——————————(Cue the 20 minutes of deciding time)——————————

I was so torn as all of her bakes look so pretty but tasty at the same time which I always think is such an achievement!

In the end I went for a Toffee Crisp Cupcake (with so much buttercream frosting I could cry of happiness) and then I couldn’t resist testing one of her unique cookie sandwiches so I picked up a Strawberry one which was berry good indeed, it literally tasted of Wimbledon. ( Ok so I think I just mean really fresh strawbs and cream)


The cupcake looked so scrummy I just had to share it and got overly excited when I realised the Toffee Crisp even runs THROUGH the cake!


Be sure to follow Katie’s Cake Box on Instagram // Facebook for the full range of treats as my camera just doesn’t do them justice! But be warned, you’ll have to resist the daily temptations of her stories…


I’d love to know if you have any recommendations? Otherwise I guess I’ll just have to try them all..

Mollie x

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