iDEAL of Sweden ~ In’case’ you’re struggling to find the ideal phone case.

Recently I received some blogger mail which I must admit I was pretty sceptical about…

I’d seen these phone cases popping up all over Instagram and my instinct was to think they were poor quality. It turns out they’re the total opposite and they really do live up to their iDeal name!

The pink wallet that I chose to try and minimise losing everything on a night out is ideal with its 2 slots for holding ID and a bank card (for emergency jaegerbombs only right)

Now I know most people say that it’s bad to have all your valuables in one place but I personally see it as less to lose! Also I love not having a bag and just holding my phone so you can let those dance moves loose (and snapchat any ‘you’ve been framed’ worthy moments)

When I’m down in London the case is perfect for tapping on and off the tube too.


It comes in the classic colours of black and white in’case’ you’re not quite in touch with your inner Elle Woods. I also found it far too cool that the back is actually magnetic, meaning you can still have a pretty marble case but it can be practical too as it stays inside the protective layer of the wallet case!


#iDealofSweden #Sp

Mollie xoxo

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