You Scream, I Scream.. About the Best Ice-cream in Norwich

Although sunny days may be few and far between, this week looks set to be a scorcher! I took it upon myself to undertake the hugely onerous task of finding the finest icecream this fine city has to offer..
The top two are both £2 per scoop so you can’t use price to decide, you’ll just have to try them both.. what.a.shame.

  1. Café Gelato

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This place on Opie Street definitely deserves its 5 star Google and Trip Advisor reviews.

It’s by the castle too so it’s a great place to walk and munch with views as it feels all kinds of wrong to eat ice cream inside!
The gelato itself is made fresh inside though which is kinda cool (ice cool) They also serve coffee and sorbets but I went for the cheesecake gelato and it seriously was as good as it sounds. Almost as good as the Italian real deal! Well it was I just wished I was in actual Italy… Harry had the coconut and loved it I’m just not a huge coconut fan.

Speaking of coconut I overheard someone ask ‘which nut flavours do you have?’ and the reply from the server in the next best icecream shop in Norwich was ‘Pistachio, Hazelnut, Coconut…’ Got me good.
But anyway onto number 2…
2. Sundaes Gelato


First thing’s first this place is open until 11pm!? (Even on Sunday if you wanna get a sundae on Sunday wahey) It’s the perfect place to go for an American style diner dessert date (I mean I just made that up but now I wanna go on one of those!)
I actually regretted my choice of Kinder Bueno but Harry was jammy with his choice of jammy dodger flavour! I had serious food envy so naturally ended up eating half of his (that’s what girlfriends are for right!?)

Originally I just went in to try their ice cream but I’ve recently gone back for their crepes and they were the opposite of c**p! They let me add strawberries to my banoffee one and it’s fairly reasonably priced at £5.50 as they’re a good size and you get a delightful dollop of ice cream/cream on the side.

There are so many places to get your fix though like the Ronaldos cart or the market stall. Chapelfield Gardens also serve 99s (which still gets on my tatas that they’re not 99p anymore, they’re not even £1.99 I swear!)

I enjoyed my research and I thoroughly recommend you try a little icecream crawl of your own..


À La Mol

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