How To: Save Money on Missguided’s First Signature Fragrance BABE POWER 🌸

First thing’s first I just want to put it out there that I actually didn’t have high hopes for the first perfume from Missguided.

However I wouldn’t be writing this post if I still thought the same as I only like to share good vibes with you guys!

*Don’t forget to read until the end to see how you can save over £10 by buying it this weekend*

I’m such a sucker for pretty packaging and this is no disappointment. It comes in a rose gold can with the ring pull as the dispenser!

The can itself came wrapped really well (in some plastic film, then in a box with plastic around it and a sleeve over the top. The Babe Power Commandments is a cute kinda sassy addition to this! I’m not sure why but it felt a lot nicer to unwrap and more of a treat. (to me, with love from me)

Now I’m usually pretty particular when it comes to picking a perfume as I feel like it’s a major factor in how you present yourself to the wonderful world. I remember my old housemate Chlo sharing her Psychology degree findings with us that apparently smell plays a significantly higher role in determining whether or not you’re physically attracted to someone than you’d expect!

The lady in Superdrug described it as smelling like battenburg cake, and who doesn’t love a slice of cake 😉 I’m not sure if I agree completely but I love the varied undertones to it and apparently marshmallow is one of the notes!

(Disclaimer: I do apologise if I’m using all this funky fragrance lingo wrong, think I’m just winging it and seeing what sounds right!)
Now comes the hard part.. trying to describe a smell..

I’m sat in the car writing this and smelling myself like a weirdo but I don’t even care it just smells so damn good, I swear I’m weirdly obsessed!

It’s near impossible to describe any smell especially with everyone having different preferences and the fact it smells different on various skin but what’s tricky about Babe Power is that it’s so hard to pinpoint just one because there’s so many varying scents.

Like sometimes I wanna say it smells a little old ladyish if you know what I mean but then the nice smell takes over!

It’s also actually surprisingly strong which surprised me, meaning you don’t have to use too much!

It’s good though because I feel likes it’s not too overpowering, even if you go for a million sprays and I can’t help but feel I won’t be getting bored of it for a long time (at least all summer.)

The best way I can describe it is that it’s fruity (grapefruit) at first then musky (vanilla) with a hint of spice, it’s basically floral without being too girly!

Now for the good part that you’ve probably been waiting for and I’m super proud of myself for discovering…

Basically it’s £28 on but somehow only £25 at 

Even better than that there’s 10% off fragrance with a Health & Beauty Card this weekend until Monday and if you’re lucky enough to still be a student then there’s an extra 20% off making it a mere £17.50!!!
So go spray yourselves sassy you know you wanna, and don’t forget ‘4. Always ignore the bank balance’


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