A Day in the Life of a Lipstick Lover: Bourgois Rouge Laque Lipsticks.

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be shortlisted by Grazia to become a Beauty Ambassador for Bourjois! I was set the task of sharing 5 different lipstick moments throughout a day in the life of À La Mol using the new Rouge Laque range so I hope you love them! Now I just need your lovelies help by following this link..


and voting for me please (or whoever you want to win!) the trip to Paris and you could win a £100 voucher for Boots too. Pretty please with a cherry on top.


  1. Last night’s post take out Mollie decided that a crazily early morning gym sesh was somehow a good idea..  So I opted for a subtle look with the shade 02 Toute Nude, just incase of any sleepy slip ups! I made sure my lips were primed and prepped with balm and popped it in my gym bag but it turns out it’s totally workout proof! I think lipstick might just be my new workout motivation. Or at least the mega amount of mirrors all around the gym weren’t quite so scary this time!


2. Time for that much needed post workout caffeine fix and catch up next. I decided to step it up a little to achieve the classic ‘cup lipstick mark’ that Instagram dreams are made of using 01 Majes’ Pink. I even used my insta worthy rose gold compact to apply it because everything in life should be rose gold or pink, don’tcha think? (Can everyone just take a moment to appreciate the colour coord of my cup and shirt too please and thanks.)


3. I had a last minute model shoot come up so thought I’d tone it down to 03 Jolie Brune as they were after more of a natural look. I used my phone camera to check the lighting on my lippy, because is it just me or does makeup always look completely different in selfies compared to mirrors?!


4. I definitely didn’t come back for a tactical nap before getting ready for girls night.. My usual indecisive self found it almost impossible to choose just one colour for the night so I tested out 08 Bloody Berry knowing I could blame any drinking induced smudges on pizza sauce (or ketchup from the inevitable end of the night chicken nugget fix) Surprisingly it turned out to be food proof too and I still can’t get over how white this blue-based shade made my teeth seem!


5. On arrival at the bar I decided 06 Framboiselle would be the perfect combo of classic red for my fiftieth and final outfit choice of a little LBD. I did a quick touch up using the perfectly bevelled applicator and actually ended up keeping the Bloody Berry around the edges to create a cute contour effect! My lips felt plump and nourished all night long, even when I sang and danced to ‘All Night Long’.. all.night.long. Sorry Lionel.


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