Top 5 Lip Tips

Despite summer feeling closer than ever and chapped lips being but a distant memory I still thought I’d share my top lip tips and tricks for that perfect pout…

[The all round lip balm, plump and lipgloss that I’m wearing below and can’t stop pouting about is the Bourjois Effect 3D Lipgloss in Brun Poetic 33.]

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  1. Now I might hate the sound of the word but moisture is the key to luscious looking lips! I try to use a lip balm like good old Vaseline before bed. It’s the same as using dry shampoo at night too, sleeping on it really gives the product time to work and prevents lips getting drier/ hair getting greasier!
  2.  No likey, no lickey! As tempting as it is, try pretend you’re playing that doughnut game where you ‘do nut’ lick the sugar off your lips! It seems like a quick fix for dry lips but I read somewhere that saliva dries them out even more in the long run.
  3. Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 20.10.17.pngSpeaking of sugar, it’s actually pretty handy as an exfoliant and a few brands even do sugar scrub products designed to rid your lips of dry flaky bits! (Ew I know but everyone gets them) If you’re sweet enough already then I 2000% recommend using a damp clean toothbrush to run gently across your lips. I swear  by this method for creating a smooth base for lipsticks, seriously, trust.

4.  Everyone’s out there waiting for their Kylie transformation moment but let’s face it, no lip kit can perform the work of botox (c’mon Lylie)  This is where Lip liner becomes your best friend!  Fake it ‘til you make it right.. just don’t go so OTT that you go from Queen Bee to bee sting reaction victim!

5.  Most of all just have a play around and get to know what works for YOU. Whether it’s lipgloss, lipstick or pure and simple lipbalm. When it comes to colour I’ve personally decided that too bright a red isn’t for me as I find it seems to yellow my teeth a little?!  I opt for a deeper plum tone red instead.



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