Are you up for the Clinique Challenge?

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful brunch at Jarrolds, alongside some other lovely Norwich Bloggers, for the preview of an exciting new Clinique product launch!

I was dying to write this post as soon as I got home with a full tummy and full bag of Clinique goodies but I wanted to wait until I’d completed my 7 Day Challenge.. something I thought would actually be quite a challenge.



Now I’m not embarrassed to admit that my skincare routine is pretty much non existent.. I’m more of a panic and conceal when the spots hit kinda girl but that doesn’t mean I haven’t always wanted to start a simple but effective regime! Cue the dermatologist divas over at Clinique who have created their new Fresh Pressed Range, the 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C.



Let me break that down for any fellow non skincare buffs- It’s basically a two part daily cleansing routine which comes in the form of powder cleanser pouches followed by a booster serum.



My #7DayChallenge came at the perfect time as although I was travelling to Budapest for 4 out of the 7 days, the pouches didn’t count as liquids for my hand luggage! Sneaky sneaky. (Sidenote: Stay tuned for a BudaBlog coming soon!)


Just empty the contents of a sachet into the palm of your hand and add enough water to turn it into a thin paste. It soon gets easy enough to guess the right amount! Then lather it over your marvellous mugs, leave for a minute and wash off. (Just don’t be as cocky around the eye area as I was.. ‘eye’ didn’t realise it would foam up so much!)


It’s not just full of Vitamin C which is the main source of my skin’s newfound zing, so to speak, but it also contains Kaolin Clay which helps buff the skin removing those pesky blackheads with none of that painful peel mask malarky!

The follow up booster is where the real fun begins as because the Vit C is pure, you have to pop the top to release the powerful powder.  Once you shake it up it’s oddly satisfying to press 2 drops out onto your hand and mix it with your usual moisturiser. I really recommend pairing it with one from the Clinique range though or at least a thick moisturiser.


When I tried it with my Simple Spotless Skin moisturiser the consistency went a little too runny for my liking! The Pep-Start Hydroblur actually acted as a great base for my makeup too!


I 100% agree with the 36% of people who notice results from day 1.  This really motivated me to keep it up and I love the fact it was a such a quirky yet quick technique!

It’s literally labelled as ‘De-aging for the impatient’ and now I’m not saying I have wrinkles.. yet I hope! (oops better stop worrying or I’ll get worry lines) But I suffer from a severe case of the smile lines for sure. You know those pesky ones by your mouth and eyes from laughing?


I have to admit I totally forgot to use the booster at night as I have a terrible tendency of passing out drooling on my pillow before I remember to even take my makeup off.. But over the #7daychallenge I loved starting the day with a fresher brighter skin feeling!

Now I’m sat writing this blog with a big C shaped hole in my newfound skincare routine.. Jarrolds Clinique Girls, look out I’m coming for ya! If you guys want to give it a go it’s out now and only £25 over at where you can get three free eye product samples for spending over £40. Go on, just get two…


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