Valentines Day 2017: ‘Love is All You Need’… oh and these pretty prints from Pearl & Ink Lettering (and a puppy, that lipstick from Mac, a Landrover and a getaway to Santorini)


With the big V day just under a week away (singletons are probably shouting c u next Tuesday at the screen right now.. but bare with!) I just really wanted to show you these cool calligraphy quotes which would make the cutest gift for your guy/girl/galentine. 


If you’re feeling lonely just remember that it cannot be taken for (Hugh) Grant’ed that, ‘love is all around us’ even if we don’t always feel it. If you still don’t agree and can’t think of any loving in your life then, well, you can just plaster love all over the walls instead thanks to the talented Emma over at Pearl & Ink Lettering.

I’m currently creating a mini wall art collection in various frames on a small section of my bedroom wall and these have proved to be great little additions! I’ve tried and failed far too many times at making my own..


My ultimate fave has to be the quote ‘have I told you lately that I love you’ as it’s from a song that features in one of my favourite films ‘What a Girl Wants’ Boy, oh, boy does this take me back (god I sound old)

You can buy them over on Etsy  right now but her full range is better seen on Instagram. They arrive super fast and have the coolest calligraphy name on the envelope, I got way over excited before I’d even opened it! You can also use code MOLLIEFREE1 for free delivery so what’s not to love?! 


The cute prints come in card form too incase you wanna go for the casual ‘not a present but I wanna show you I kinda like you’ route then these are perfect!



Thanks for reading, you’re all my favourites!



À La Mol


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