How to: have a (rose gold) handle on your winter beauty regime ft. FFS


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And no, don’t worry I’m not swearing in the title, promise! FFS stands for Friction Free Shaving the newest addition to the ever growing group of subscription boxes and in my opinion the best thing since sliced bread (with no more sliced legs!)

Now I don’t know about you but I’m fed up of my legs and bank balance (which I don’t actually check) getting ripped off by plastic razors. Cue the shaviours over at Friction Free.

Side note I haven’t been sponsored I just can’t rave about these razors enough!IMG_0338

I was recently graced with the presence of Samantha on my doorstop (aptly named after everyones fave Sex in the City girl, or is that just me?) She arrived in the most compact cardboard box which I loved as it means less trips taking out the recycling..

FullSizeRender-4.jpgNot only does this company give you no excuse to not shave (ok so this post is making me sound super lazy..) but they have a little Craig David motto inside said packages!

Don’t get me wrong I’m no shave expert but apparently it/she (sorry Samantha) has:

  • Guard trimmer blade for hard to reach areas
  • Vitamin E lubricating strip
  • Wide rubber bar lifts hair for the closest shave
  • Full 90-degree pivot head contours the body form
  • 5 stainless steel razor blades per head


I have to admit I was slightly scared by just how close the shave was at first but so impressed with the results. Even though they send enough for one a week I found myself (unashamedly) still using the same sharp as blade for weeks before throwing out! The best thing is although the blades themselves are disposable; the handle feels so luxe rather than a tacky plastic drugstore one. The only thing I can think of that would make this product even more razilicious would be a cute storage solution.

I’ve actually ended up ‘shaving’ (sorry not sorry) a heap of money compared to my old regime of constantly buying razors’ which just rust up. Although winter’s officially the worst time to get naked for fake tanning and shaving, at least you don’t have to leave the house as there are no sneaky p+p add ons, with delivery included in the £7 a month price (or only a fiver if silver’s more your vibe)

IMG_0342And if you’re still not convinced that this is a bathroom necessity, it’s a bathroom accessory!


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p.s CONFESSION: I don’t even use shaving foam anymore, yes they’re that good!

p.p.s keep an eye out for my fake tan comparison review *coming soon to a screen near you*

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